“Land of Sapphire and Saffron”

A district located almost 235 kilometres from Jammu that boasts fascinating mountains, valleys, panoramic vistas of pristine rivers and flowering grasslands, making it one of best travel destinations.

It is blessed with lovely valleys, fruit orchards, deodar & pine forests, happily flowing streams, lush meadows & an abundance of wild flowers. During your trip to Kishtwar district, you should also explore its spectacular saffron fields, which are distributed across villages like Pochhal, Hatta, Bera Bhatta, Matta & Berwar, and should be visited from October to November.

The most famous tourist sites at here are Qilla Kishtwar, Katarsamna & Bharnoin, which is also a famous picnic spot, Mughal Maidan & Padyarna, a historical site dotted with ruins of stone-temples, stone inscriptions & idols.

Trekking is also famous here, with a famous trek which goes through Paddar Valley to Zanskar Valley over the Umasi La Pass.Wildlife sightseeing in Kishtwar can also be enjoyed at Kishtwar National Park, which boasts rich vegetation & is home to a variety of fauna including brown bear and Himalayan snowcock.

How to reach Kishtwar

By Air: The nearest airport is situated in Jammu (250-kms).

By Rail: The nearest Railhead is situated in Udhampur (180 Kms) & Jammu (248-km).

By Road: The road is constructed Anantnag via Sinthan Pass. Daily bus services and share Taxis are plying from Jammu & Other cities.

Kishtwar Road Trip
Kishtwar Road Trip

Places to visit at Kishtwar

  1. Qilla Kishtwar
    From ‘Qilla’ site a panoramic view of Kishtwar town can be seen.This palace existed during the rule of the Raja’s of Kishtwar .
  2. Katarsamna
     The premises of the ‘Kartik’ Swami temple are situated at a prominent place. there is a vast ground in front of temple, a two room suite, a kitchen and a toilet for the convenience of the pilgrims.
  3. Bharnoin
    The place is situated in a forest area dense with conifers like deodar and kale trees.The majestic view of roaring Chenab whose roar is heard here.
  4. Saffron Safari
    The view of purple colored Saffron flowers, spread like a blanket over the fields, early in the morning is, really, enthralling and mesmerizing. The fragrance scattered by this blossom in the atmosphere gives a heavenly touch the environment.
  5. Bhandarkoot
    Bhandarkoot, thus, is symbolic of complete mutual brotherhood and communal harmony. A small army cantonment at the place has added to the hustle and bustle of the place. The scenery around Bhandarkoot is quite charming. This is an ideal place for rock climbing.
  6. Mughal Maidan
    Chatroo River is known for rearing ‘Trout’ fish. Therefore the fisheries Department of Jammu and Kashmir had established a ‘Fish-Hatchery’ here and constructed some buildings, Fish trade, if promoted, will raise the economic standard of the people.
  7. Sinthan Top
    24 kilometers ahead of Sinthan Maidan is the Sinthan Top at an altitude of 3784 meters from sea level. On reaching the top, one feels at the top of the world, quite light and detached from the worldly worries. 
     The cool and salubrious climate of the place has a refreshing effect on the tourists. Here we find unending slopes and plain meadows on the foot of the Synthen-top. 
    The Dool-Dam of the famous Dul Hasti Hydroelectric Project of 390MW capacity.

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