“Land of Agas”

Covered by the mighty Himalayas and fed by Karste river, Kargil is the most picturesque destination in Kashmir. Kargil makes for an extreme climate, with temperatures dropping to as low as -45 degree Celsius in winters.

There are a lot to visit in Kargil like monasteries, river basins, trekking points, lush greenery and so on.

Near to Kargil is yet another attraction that is Suru Basin when the Panzella glacier starts to melt, Suru Basin becomes the richest fertile land in the dry Ladakh region.

Mulbekh Monastery, located 36 Kms from Kargil is the most famous place in Kargil district it is 9 meter tall idol of Maitreya Buddha.The fields of wheat, barley and grapes are rich in greenery and thus give a splendid sight to the tourists.

Never miss to visit the Drass War Memorial if you keep patriotism inside you on a dramatic level .The photos, things used during the Kargil war and the hardships during the war are displayed along with the 100 feet high flagpoles.

For trekking, the surroundings hill tops are perfect and a visit to Lamayuru Monastery located on Leh-Srinagar Highway will be concluding your tour of Kargil in presumably perfect way.

Best time to visit

June to September is the ideal time to visit Kargil.

Places to visit here

  1. Suru Valley
    The beauty of this town is further enhanced by the majestic views of Nun Kun peaks which is the highest Himalayan peak on the Indian side of Kashmir .
  2. Kargil War Memorial
    Kargil became a site for the 1999 Indo-Pak war it is witness of ultimate sacrifice of brave Indian soldiers who laid down their lives fighting against extreme weather conditions as well as enemy resistance was commemorated here it is built and maintained by the Army.
  3. Pensi La Valley
    The Gateway to Zanskar is also a beautiful lake in the middle of the valley known as the Pensi La Lake which is famous for it’s crystal clear cold water, and remains frozen for most of the season.
  4. Museum of Kargil and Central Asian Trade Artifacts
    A rare collection of artifacts ,used when the silk route was a prime road for trading.
  5. Hunderman Village
    Snow capped peaks serve as the backdrop of this village and tourists would also enjoy the simple lifestyle of the people of Suru Valley. Being close to the border, there are many bunkers and Army check-posts near this village.
  6. Zanskar
    From the mountain ranges, the river and the pass, making it strategically important to Kargil

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