Hauz Khas

” A medieval memory.

Historically, Hauz Khas was known as Hauz-e-Alai and is the place where Khusro Khan of Delhi Sultanate was defeated by Ghazi Malik.

It has Places like: Hauz Khas Complex which consists the Hauz Khas Lake or Royal Tank, a mosque and a tomb, all from the time of the Khalji Dynasty.

It has a multiplicity of restaurants, cafes, boutiques and more.


Hauz Khas Village complex: Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm 
* Restaurants in the complex will be open till 11:00 pm *
Hauz Khas fort: All days from 10:30 am to 07:00 pm. 

Entry Fee

INR 0.0
There is no such entry fee.


Hauz Khas, South Delhi, Delhi 110016, India
Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas. 
Direction: https://goo.gl/maps/QWqBBhWjW2KeueC5A